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International Investigations

SGC utilizes vast resources around the globe to solve cases. We don’t “farm out” cases. If you have a problem in Russia, Japan or just about anywhere else, WE GO THERE. We may utilize our own well-vetted source in that country to assist but we do not leave finding evidence or important information to someone else who does not know the case like we do.

It is very important to have us on the ground at operational locations to conduct the investigation or at a minimum supervise our resources. This is the ONLY way your case can be handled properly, professionally and with the best possible outcome. Let us not forget about trust and confidentiality when it comes to your case. When SGC is on the ground we personally direct and supervise our resources on individual assignments ensuring SGC understands and has complete access to the whole story. When others say “I can do that less expensively because I have people there”, remember, in that scenario they do NOT have operational control of YOUR case.

At SGC we hate to be so blunt, but please remember the cost for you to do it all over again.  We believe the first time we work a case it should be done right.